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AC Repair and Maintenance Tampa FL

AC Repair and Maintenance Tampa FL

Have you noticed that you keep sweating even when your air conditioning unit is up and running? When was the last time you ran a maintenance routine on the unit?

Often, people install air-conditioning units and abandon them until they notice that the AC no longer cools as it should. Maintenance routines are often seen as unnecessary. As the saying goes, why fix what is not broken?

Without maintenance, the filters get clogged with dirt, and this reduces the amount of air that flows through them. Dirt may also get stuck in the coil, and this reduces the unit’s capacity to absorb heat. Refrigerant leaks and iced-up coils are also conditions that may cause the system to consume more power and perform less effectively when neglected.

Thus, maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep your AC running without spending too much on repairs. Well maintained AC units last a long time and save a lot of repair costs. Maintenance should be done by an experienced professional at least twice a year.

At Waypoint Air-conditioning, we offer experienced and professional AC maintenance and repair plans. With proper training and several years of experience, we have worked with several brands and models of air conditioning systems. We understand the peculiarities of each model and how to best maintain them. For AC maintenance and repairs, we are the team for the job. Reach out to us today, and we will give your AC the touch of excellence that it needs.

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